What’s New in WinUtilities v13.12?

  1. Improves languages
  2. Updates process security module
  3. Updates process security database
  4. Fixes minor bugs

What’s New in WinUtilities v13.11?

  • Updates process security module
  • Updates database
  • Updates languages
  • Improves File Undelete module
  • Improves Disk Cleaner module

WinUtilities 13.1 – What’s New

  • Improves Disk Cleaner module
  • Improves Registry Cleaner module
  • Improves 1-Click Maintenance module
  • Adds more languages
  • Updates Process Security database
  • Minor fixes

Greek Language for WinUtilities Pro v13

Click here to download WinUtilities Pro v13

Click here to download Greek Language file for WinUtilities Pro v13

What’s WinUtilities Professional Edition?

WinUtilities Pro provides automated and all-in-one PC care service with Process Security, Registry Fix, Privacy Protection, Performance Tune-up, and System Cleaning capabilities. It also creates superior and safer online experience with the latest Surfing Protection and Internet Boost technology, ensuring you top online security and maximum PC performance.

Complete Solution for PC Peak Performance

A simple registry cleaner or disk cleaner cannot give you true performance boost. WinUtilities combines disk clean&defrag, registry clean&defrag, system optimization, shortcut fix, privacy sweep, junk files clean, disk optimization, and more, to guarantee your PC run like a new one.

Fast and Powerful Windows Clean

Swiftly locates and deletes any junk files that may exist in Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files, Log files, Clipboard, DNS Cache, Error Reporting, Memory Dumps, Jump Lists.

Clean and Fix PC problems with One-Click

Built-in 1-Click maintenance feature allows you to cleans junk files and unneeded registry entries, scan & fix PC problems to improve the system performance of your PC by one simple click.

Improves PC Performance

Better PC performance for your work or gaming. Gives you the new computer feeling again.

Simpler and Easier to Use

You do not need to be a professional or know much about computer. All you need to do is install it and a few clicks will make you enjoy the new PC feeling again.

Proven by More Users

WinUtilities is the top 5 downloaded software in Maintenance & Optimization category and has over 10 million users worldwide.

Click here to download WinUtilities Pro v13

Click here to download Greek Language file for WinUtilities Pro v13

Windows 10 Is Slow – How You Can Speed Up Windows 10

Find out what’s slowing down your Windows 10 PC

WinUtilities Pro can help you identify what’s causing your Windows 10 PC to slow down. You can fix your system performance issues to finally have an optimized, cleaner, and faster PC. WinUtilities Pro supports Windows XP,7,8,8.1 and Windows 10.

WinUtilities Pro combines a professional range of tools to boost your computer’s performance. The program will give your PC a lift in performance with immediate gains in speed and responsiveness and multiple optimization features.

  • Quickly identify and remove Performance Issues, Junk Files and Windows® Registry Errors.
  • Give your boot-up process a boost of speed with the Startup Cleaner.

Download WinUtilities Pro: http://hi.ylcomputing.com/products/winutilities-pro

Steps to speed up Windows 10

  1. Clean junk files with Disk Cleaner
  2. Clean registry errors with Registry Cleaner
  3. Clean temporary files of third-party applications
  4. Defragment disk drives
  5. Defragment Windows registry
  6. Manage startup processes, Disable unneeded startup programs

Download WinUtilities Pro: http://hi.ylcomputing.com/products/winutilities-pro

1-Click Solution to speed up Windows 10

  1. Run WinUtilities 1-Click maintenance
  2. Select the areas to clean and optimize
  3. Click Run 1-Click maintenance button
  4. Finished to speed up computer

Download WinUtilities Pro: http://hi.ylcomputing.com/products/winutilities-pro

Easiest and most effective way to clean up Windows 10

 Steps to clean up your Windows 10

  1. Download and Install WinUtilities
    The download url is: http://hi.ylcomputing.com/products/winutilities-pro/download
  2. Run WinUtilities and Select 1-Click maintenance tab
  3. Select the areas you want to clean, Then click Run 1-Click maintenance
  4. Done

Click here to download WinUtilities Pro to clean up Windows 10

Basic Maintenance for Windows 10

  • Empty system clipboard data
  • Empty recycle-bin entries
  • Clean Windows temporary files
  • Clean Internet temporary files
  • Clean Internet cookies entries
  • Clean Internet auto-complete forms data
  • Clean Internet auto-complete password data
  • Clean recent documents history

Advanced Maintenance for Windows 10

  • Analyse and remove junk data from your disk drives
  • Analyse and repair invalid registry entries and errors
  • Analyse and erase online activity tracks
  • Analyse and defragment disk drives
  • Analyse and defragment registry

Click here to download WinUtilities Pro to clean up Windows 10

Why should I clean my Windows PC?

Keeping system clutter under control can be important to PC health. If not regularly cleaned, at the minimum, junk files can cause the computer to undergo superfluous and wasteful processing. PC cleanup is one of the most important parts of computer maintenance. Remember that the more free space there is, the faster your computer will run. Performing PC cleanup is important because Windows accumulates unnecessary junk files that reduce computer performance. These files are just like the junk hidden deep in your wardrobe – you can’t see it, but it’s still there and it’s wasting space. So how do they get created in the first place? Most Windows programs create temporary files for a number of purposes, but mostly when a program needs more memory for its tasks or when a program is working with large chunks of data. Programs like Microsoft Office also create temporary files and use them for keeping a copy of your data in case the program crashes. In the perfect world, temporary files would be deleted automatically when the programs close. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. Poorly written applications, improper shutdowns, and freeze-ups often leave temp files behind. That’s how gigabytes of clutter can be created. Another type of temporary files is Temporary Internet Files. These files are created by the browser and are often kept for a lot longer than necessary. Deleting junk files is easy enough – all you need to do is run WinUtilities Pro.

Click here to download WinUtilities Pro to clean up Windows 10


WinUtilities version 13.0

New fixes in WinUtilities version 13.0

  1. Updates process security database
  2. Optimizes disk cleaning engine
  3. Optimizes registry cleaning engine
  4. Optimizes history cleaning engine
  5. Improves languages
  6. Uses a new license verification system

Download WinUtilities Pro 13.0

Download WinUtilities Free 13.0

How to change folder color in Windows 10?

Dr. Folder is a software that works on Windows 10/8/7/XP. It allows you to change directory icon or directory color with a simple click. It has many predefined icons and just one click you can change the folder color or folder image easily.

Click here to download Dr. Folder

Steps to change folder color or icon:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Dr. Folder software from YL Computing.
  2. Right-click on the folder that you want to change folder color.
  3. Select a new color for the selected folder.
  4. Click OK & Done.

Please Note: The folder color changing are permanent. that allows you to move or copy your customized folders anywhere even to another computer! Your folders will be the look exactly as you specified)

Click here to download Dr. Folder

Just One Click! Change Folder Picture with Dr. Folder in Windows

Dr. Folder is an application that replace the standard picture of a folder on any other picture. It’s easy to use and have an user-friendly interface. You can change the picture of folders quickly with one mouse click. So, using Dr. Folder can save you lots of time.


Download Now (30-Days free trial with full working version)   |   Purchase Now


  1. Apply different icons or images to individual folders in one mouse click
  2. Easily change the folder picture from system context menu
  3. Replace the system-defined standard folder picture, which is used by Windows to display each folder on your computer
  4. Search for picture on your computer
  5. Copy picture to the current folder to make your folder icons independent from picture source files (that allows you to move or copy your customized folders anywhere even to another computer! Your folders will be the look exactly as you specified)
  6. Rebuild the system icon cache to repair incorrect icon images
  7. Add your favorite icons or pictures to the user icon list to access them faster
  8. Convert folder icon from PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF file

Download Now (30-Days free trial with full working version)   |   Purchase Now

How to change folder picture with Dr. Folder?

  1. Right-click on the folder that you want to change the folder image.
  2. Select menu command: Change Folder Image with Dr. Folder
  3. Select a new picture for your folder.
  4. Click Apply and save the picture for your folder.

Download Now (30-Days free trial with full working version)   |   Purchase Now


New license verification system for WinUtilities 13.x

The WinUtilities 13.x will use a new license verification system. Old registration code may not work in the new version.

Please don’t worry about this. If you are lifetime user, Please send an email to support_ll@ylcomputing.com, tell us your Order ID or registration confirmation email address. We will resend you new lifetime license within 12 hours.

Click here to contact us if you have lifetime license

Thanks for understanding.